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The Top 10 Editing and Proofreading Services of 2023

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

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Proofreading and editing are crucial aspects of producing a well-written document. While there are numerous options available for free online proofreading tools, it is important to note that online proofreading services staffed by human editors offer a more reliable solution. These experts have a better understanding of grammar and syntax nuances, making them ideal for those seeking professional assistance. The convenience of the internet allows individuals to access top-quality proofreading from expert editors without any hassle. To help you make an informed choice, we have compiled a list of the best editing and proofreading services currently available, assessing their processes and editing quality.

Verbify is dedicated to delivering exceptional proofreading and editing solutions, setting them apart as the ultimate choice for individuals seeking top-notch services. Their team of highly skilled proofreaders and editors, all of whom are native English speakers, caters to authors, students, and business professionals from all around the world. By utilizing their services, you can expect efficient and prompt results that guarantee flawlessness in your documents.

In addition to their primary proofreading and editing services, Verbify goes above and beyond by providing a range of peripheral services tailored to meet your specific requirements. For academic documents, they offer additional support such as formatting, referencing, and plagiarism checks, ensuring your work meets the highest standards. Aspiring writers, particularly those who self-publish, can rely on Verbify for an array of pre-publishing services. This includes assistance with copyright page development and the creation of compelling marketing material, ultimately helping authors expand their readership.

To explore the full breadth of services offered by Verbify, visit their website and take the opportunity to connect with their customer support team for further information. Experience the expertise of Verbify firsthand by availing a complimentary sample through their company website.

  • Pricing: A 1000-word document can be proofread and edited for approximately $24 (INR 2,000) within a 24-hour turnaround period.

  • Average turnaround time: 12 hours to 1 week.

Verbify boasts outstanding ratings on reputable websites like Trustpilot, with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5, attesting to their exceptional editing services.

Scribbr is a renowned company that specializes in academic editing and proofreading services for students and researchers across the globe. Their team of in-house editors possesses expertise in language conventions and various academic disciplines. Scribbr employs a rigorous four-step editing process, refining language, academic writing style, and providing personalized feedback. They excel not only in technical aspects such as language, syntax, and formatting but also in enhancing larger elements of academic writing such as tone, style, and argumentation.

  • Pricing: Scribbr's prices start from £0.013 (INR 1.29) per word, varying based on deadlines and requirements.

  • Average turnaround time: 24 hours to 1 week.

Scribendi has been providing fast and affordable proofreading and editing services for 24 years, catering to academics, students, authors, and corporations. Their editors, who are native English speakers with expertise across various fields, offer customized comments and feedback based on clients' English proficiency levels, recognizing that many are ESL speakers. Scribendi ensures high-quality editing while offering expedited reviews as quickly as 4 hours.

  • Pricing: Prices vary based on the specific document and service requested. Rates can be checked on each service's webpage.

  • Average turnaround time: 4 hours to 1 week.

Shop with confidence, as Scribendi boasts a rating of 4.7/5 on Shopper Approved, making them one of the highest-rated editing and proofreading services globally.

For researchers and academics, Enago is a trusted name in the academic writing and research community. With over 15 years of experience, Enago collaborates with researchers from over 125 countries, working closely with leading academic publishers and universities. Their editors, who are subject matter experts, not only improve language and formatting but also enhance the overall quality of research papers, ensuring they meet the standards required for high-impact factor journals. Enago's presence in various regions allows them to address linguistic issues faced by local researchers effectively.

Editage is an exceptional editing and proofreading service catering to academics worldwide. They specialize in reviewing dissertations, scientific manuscripts, articles, and papers. With a comprehensive four-step editing process, Editage provides in-depth and personalized feedback, employing expert editors from various fields who are well-versed in academic writing and publishing conventions. Their reputation as a trusted ally of the academic publishing community spans over two decades.

  • Pricing: Editage's prices start at $30 (INR 2,220) USD per 1000 words.

  • Average turnaround time: Variable (Minimum: 4 hours).

Since 2013, Wordvice has collaborated with academic and research institutions, prioritizing high quality, affordable prices, and punctual delivery. They excel in academic editing, specializing in academic writing and publishing. Wordvice also offers tailored assistance to students who speak English as a second or foreign language. With operations in six countries, Wordvice caters to clients in the United States, Japan, Turkey, South Korea, Taiwan, and China.

  • A 1000-word document can be edited for approximately $80 (INR 5,920) within a 24-hour turnaround period.

Wordvice boasts an average client review score of 4.7/5.

PaperTrue is a globally recognized online proofreading and editing service that collaborates with clients from around the world. Whether you are an author, student, or business professional, you can rely on their team of expert native English-speaking proofreaders and editors to deliver efficient and timely results. It's worth noting that their editors are highly dependable, particularly if you require more substantial levels of editing.

To gain a deeper understanding of PaperTrue's services, you can explore their website and contact their customer support team. For a firsthand experience of PaperTrue's expertise, you can visit their company website to avail a free sample.

  • Pricing: For a document of 1000 words, the cost is approximately $36 (INR 2,660) with a turnaround period of 24 hours.

  • Average turnaround time: 12 hours to 1 week.

With a rating of 4.6 out of 5 on, 4.6 out of 5 on SiteJabber, and 4.4 out of 5 on Google Reviews, Verbify has earned the trust of over 1100 customers worldwide.

Wordy provides online proofreading services for all types of documents, allowing users to submit their work for review in under 30 seconds. They accommodate writers, academics, and professionals, accepting documents in 11 file formats, including MS Office, PDF, LaTeX, and Google Docs. Wordy ensures accountability by assigning proofreaders and editors based on your time zone, eliminating concerns about time discrepancies.

  • Pricing: Their rates range from $0.036 (INR 2.66) to $0.046 (INR 3.41) per word, depending on word count and turnaround time.

Browse their website for further details.

With offices in the UK and US, Cambridge Proofreading caters to ESL speakers, students, and international businesses. They focus on improving style, clarity, and tone in writing. Their website offers easy navigation, allowing users to explore the specific criteria used to review their desired document types. Cambridge Proofreading employs native English speakers with a keen eye for detail, providing guidance that helps clients enhance their writing.

Request a quote through their "order now" portal and make payments in USD, GBP, or Euros.

Their average customer rating on Trustpilot is 4.9/5.

Proofreading Pal utilizes a two-proofreader model, ensuring that each document is reviewed by two highly trained editors. They offer their services to students, professionals, authors, and businesses. In addition to online placements, Proofreading Pal also accepts orders via phone call.

Trusted by over 17000 customers, they work with students, researchers, writers, professionals, and businesses. Their website has an extensive list of what kind of documents they work on.

Knowing that each client has their own set of editing requirements to incorporate and deadlines to adhere to, Proofreading Pal has a range of turnaround speeds—from 30 minutes to 7 days, making them an accessible choice if time is a sensitive factor.

  • Pricing: For a 24-hour turnaround, they charge $0.043 (INR 3.18) per word (approximately $43.00 (INR 3,178) per 1000 words).

You can also get a free sample for 400 words that will be returned within 12 hours. They have a rating of 4.8 out of 5 on TrustPilot.


In conclusion, while free online proofreading tools exist, it is advisable to opt for online proofreading services staffed by human editors who possess a deep understanding of grammar and syntax nuances. Among the top editing and proofreading services available, Verbify stands out as the ultimate choice, offering exceptional services with a team of highly skilled native English proofreaders and editors. The list of reputable services presented in this blog provides a range of options for individuals seeking professional assistance to produce well-written documents.

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